Medical Narration & Health industry Voiceover

Healthcare voice over & medical elearning narration

I provide narration for medical projects

Narration for medical and healthcare material whether it be for elearning, public announcements or training videos for healthcare professionals, requires a unique set of skills.

Having an academic background and an extremely clear voice, health voiceover is an area that keeps me incredibly  busy.

Whether you need an elearning script narrating, a warm voice for a medical public announcement or a voice that can communicate clearly for a medical instructional video, I can provide the desired tone.

Most of this type of work requires a neutral British accent, but not all. I also narrate in a regional accent (Gentle Midlands accent or General Northern). If you are unsure what accent you would like, I can provide a free short sample of your script beforehand so you can be sure you’ll be getting what is right for you.

Below you will find downloadable samples of my work. If you don’t hear something that is just right, then ask me to provide you with a custom voiceover demo.

Medical Instructional Voice Sample

Covid19 Test Explainer Voice Sample

Patient Information Voice Sample

Medical Elearning Voice Sample

Healthcare Explainer Sample