5 ways you didn’t know a voice over artist could benefit your small business

There are many ways we as entrepreneurs can give our business a more professional edge. I now outsource the majority of my artwork to a professional graphic designer hiring someone who is quicker and quite frankly, better than me at this stuff. I also have an accountant. Numbers simply aren’t my thing. In time, I will hire someone to help me keep on top of SEO.

At this stage in my career, it just makes sense to outsource certain skills that I don’t have or that would take years to hone. Likewise, people come to me for the skills I can offer. Skills that I have spent many years gaining.

I am a professional British voice over artist. A voice actor studies and trains for many years. It can take 3 or 4 years to see any return on the investment in time, training and equipment. We learn how to ‘put a smile in the voice’, we learn to control breathing, they learn how to play with upward and downward inflection for the best impact. Also, we learn how to control the amount of air expelled into the microphone when voicing plosive sounds like ‘P’ and ‘B’. We learn how to be audio engineers, we learn how to sound more ‘conversational’, we study accents… The list goes on.

Here’s a thought…

You may not have considered it before, but the skills a voice actor could offer your business could be as valuable to you as those of your accountant, web designer or SEO manager. And although, the services of a professional voice talent may not be a good fit for all business types, there are many ways hiring voice talent can give the right businesses a more professional edge or simply take work off the hands of the owner. Lets take a look at a few.

1. On Hold messages

on hold voiceover, black voice actors

on-hold messages can influence your brand

Welcoming sounding on-hold messages are important to your company image. When a potential customer first makes contact with your business via a phone call, your on-hold message might be the first impressions they have of your business. You want the voice they hear to be engaging and be consistent with your brand values.

OK, if you have great diction, performance skills, or your own voice is vital to the message of your brand, by all means do it yourself! Generally speaking though, a voice over artist is trained to be able to convey different values and emotions. We get given instructions like “can you make it sound professional, yet conversational” or “we want the people calling us to trust our brand”.

Telephone messages are generally one of the lowest cost voice services there are, so you don’t need to break the bank or be a multinational to afford it. I have voiced telephone messages for everyone from the local window cleaner, right up to large national breakdown companies.

A solid and professional sounding voice message can be a good fit for nearly all types of business. Many voiceover artists can also add background music for you. These messages are straight forward, can be turned around quickly and can serve your business for many years. They offer a very good return on investment.

2. product video narration.

You can shoot decent footage for free with your smartphone nowadays and according to a recent Three Colts blog post, “video is the most common content format being spread organically, with people being twice as likely to share videos with their friends than any other  media”.

They go on to say “The trendlines are clear – people watched around 14.6bn minutes of video last year, representing an increase of around 20% from 2020 and an increase of 121% compared to 2019”.

If you are not creating video content for your business, you are likely falling behind!

But don’t worry, nobody is expecting Spielberg quality content here. We are simply talking content that speaks to your audience, implants ideas, explains a product or service….

Here are some ideas that may get you thinking…

You might be an antiques centre. Usually you sell modestly priced vintage and antique furniture. However, this week you have just bought in a  rare piece and you want to promote that one item, give it a bit of a boost because it is a desirable piece with a higher than average price tag.

British voice over artist for product videos

shoot simple product videos

Yes, you could take some static shots and post the shots across social media. However, for a little bit of investment, you could film 1 minute of footage showing the item from different angles, write a short script with what you want to say about the item (1 minute of footage would be about 150-160 words of written script), then hand the script to a professional voice talent. Once the narration is back, stitch it all together with a simple app like Power Director (others are available but I use this one). You now have a great little video showcasing a key item that you can promote on all your social platforms.

Perhaps you are a small bridal store and you have a great new range of dresses in. You could film a sweeping shot of your rail with the odd dress picked out, or a 360 view of your most exclusive dress. All accompanied by a professional voice excitedly or elegantly talking about fabrics or other key details.

Maybe you own a florist and you want to show off your new season blooms. A nice moving shot of what you have in, along with a professional voiceover, brings attention to your offering. It also further brings attention to your business as a whole and means you are creating valuable content.

Granted these ideas may not work for all types of business. However, for businesses that occasionally need to shout out about something seasonal or exclusive, this type of content could add value. Added value leads to greater sales and awareness.

3. local radio ad

Radio advertising, unlike TV advertising can be an affordable option for many smaller businesses. You may choose to work directly with a radio station to keep costs down or, if there is more budget available, work through an established advertising agency. Either way, as well as a good script and jingle, the ad will need the right trained voice to get your message across. With no moving images to work with, the voice hired needs to be able to take direction, talk to the correct timing (usually 30 or 60 seconds) and create strong images in the audience’s mind. Whereas TV adverts are incredibly expensive to produce and therefore prohibitive to many small businesses, radio ads on the other hand, especially for local radio, are accessible to nearly all sizes of business.

4. promotional or explainer video

voice over for video production, explainer video voiceover

communicate your message with an explainer video

On a slightly different level to the smartphone video suggestion above, small businesses can opt to spend a little more and have a professional video production company produce video content. This is a great way to let your customers know what you are about. It allows you to provide a simple overview of how your product of service works. Perhaps you’re a company specialising in hiring table centre pieces for events. You need an eye-catching video on your homepage introducing yourself and your services? Maybe you run a private dental practice and would like an elegant promo video with a voiceover to match? One that assures your customers how you’ll look after them and give them the results they need.

The possibilities for video are endless. Once you have a video, you may only need to update it every year, or even less. I have my own explainer video  and it has served me well for a few years now. Sure, it will be updated at some point to keep things fresh. However, it has brought lots of value to my business and means clients don’t have to wade through paragraphs of text. With the video, they can get a good concise visual overview of what I offer.

5. Podcast intros and outros

Do you have a podcast for your business or already produce audio content of your own? A professional voice talent can add a different dimension to your content. How about an attention-grabbing intro and outro tagged onto the start and end of your podcast? Relatively cheap to produce, you can source royalty free music and sound effects online, and of course, the right voiceover.  These intros and outros add a layer of professionalism and make the podcast more dynamic. This gives them extra authority.


There are many more ways hired voiceover artists can work with businesses of all sizes. I have touched on just a few here. I hope you’ve found this helpful. Maybe I’ve given you some fresh ideas about how you can incorporate voiceovers into your content.

To hear some examples of my voiceover work so both small and large businesses, click here.


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    Really useful information. I work in marketing and deal with lots of clients who routinely undervalue or fail to consider the impact that well voiced content can have!

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