5 Reasons Your Video Marketing Needs Professional Voiceover

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1. Video is king

Never before has video been such a powerful marketing medium for your brand or message. The rise of video marketing has been one of the most exciting trends in recent years. Video is the fastest growing ad format and now has higher levels of engagement than traditional forms of advertising. Of course, much of this video content needs a voice over to bring that content to life in an engaging and convincing way. Not all videos are in need of presenters, actors or models, but nearly all need a voice your audience can believe in and identify with.

2. It is not as easy as it looks!

Voice artists are those folk that appear to be doing something pretty simple, it looks easy. They are just talking right? WRONG. A professional voice artist is also an expert communicator, an actor and performer. They are an expert in grammar and the subtle nuances in their native language, they know how to ‘put a smile into the voice’ or make their voice sound ‘cooler’ or ‘brighter’. They have excellent sight reading skills, they know how to shape their mouths in order to avoid annoying plosives and popping sounds escaping into the mic, they know how to avoid mouth clicks. They are also audio engineers, head of marketing, sales and lots more. Simply having a voice is not enough to call yourself a voice artist. A true professional has a highly tuned list of skills in their arsenal that a non professional does not, and this is worth paying for.

3. It’s all about the quality

Although both good audio and Picture quality is preferable, studies show that audiences are far more tolerant to substandard picture quality than they are to poor audio quality. You can have a lovely looking explainer video but if you then get Dianne from accounts to record the audio on her smart phone, you may well lose a lot of your audience before the point has been made due to substandard audio quality. You wouldn’t get a non-professional plumber in using tools from the pound shop, don’t get a non-professional voice artist in who is recording on a smartphone in an echoey, untreated space. Going down this route means you run the risk of your audience switching off before your point has been made.

4. Consistency

It takes a good 3 to 4 years of hard graft to start getting a consistent income from voice over work.  A professional voice talent is committed and in it for the long term. If you want your brand and your message to remain constant, you may want to think about using the same voice or small pool of voices for your video marketing so that your customers receive consistency in your message. A pro voice artist will be invested in building a mutually beneficial long-standing relationship with you, your company and your brand, and you will be able to count on them to deliver when you need them to, time and again. It is their career and they take it seriously.

5. It’s just less hassle for you!

I have worked with many businesses who, like many of us running smaller enterprises, are forced to wear many hats. Voiceover producer being one of them. Then I came along and relieved them of this reluctant hat and it freed them up to concentrate on their core business. Yes, it will cost you, but paying for a pro voice artist to bring your video marketing to life will save you a lot of time, headaches and hassle in the long run! Delegation may seem like a scary prospect. After all, you are giving some degree of control away, but smart business owners know that some sort of division of labour is inevitable for the business to thrive and prosper long term.

There is very little risk involved on your part as the client. A good voice talent will work with you to achieve the results you want.  You have the choice to brief the talent and let them produce the work in their own studio, remotely ‘live direct’ them, or invite them to record in front of you in a studio of your choice. They WANT to do a good job for you and will work with you to achieve this. It is after all what they are paid to do. They are offering a voice over SERVICE.

If you are new to the idea of hiring a voice talent, read my FAQ for more information and feel free to contact me today to discuss your video marketing needs!

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